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     When building new construction,or remodeling, consider LED lighting. There are many tax benefits & incentives. With a little bit of research you may find tax incentives not only from the government, but from the electric companies.

     See our project, Rainbow Springs Realty Group, in our portfolio for photos of a completely LED project. The load on the service was so minimal, even the Marion County Inspector chuckled a bit at the number!

tax rebates for installing led lighting


     National Electric Code changes require that all new smoke detectors must be "hard wired" to your main service panel. This is due to recent research showing battery operated smoke detectors failing, in the most critical of circumstances, and resulting in unnecessary deaths.

     Smoke alarms have a maximum life expectancy of 10 years. If your smoke alarms are 10 years old or you don't know how old they are, it is recommended to replace them with new ones. Here is a link to smoke detector safety for more information on the risks of defective smoke detectors and some useful information. Call us for a free analysis/estimate to replace any smoke detectors in your home.

​Smoke Detector Codes

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