Picture of a Zinsco Panel Label

Picture of a FPE breaker in panel



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The electrical panel is the heart of your home's electrical system and as such should receive regular checkups and maintenance to help it operate efficiently and prolong life expectancy.

There are several reasons that a homeowner may be faced with changing out their existing electrical service.

Barr-None Electric has found throughout the years, that most change outs are due to defective existing equipment that has reached the end of it's life expectancy or has not been maintained properly.

Other reasons include insurance companies refusal to cover certain electrical panels because of the risk of fires. These panels were very popular in the 70' s and 80's and came under the names of Zinsco, Zinsco-Sylvania, Federal Pacific (FPE), & Wadsworth. (See pictures below.) If you have one of these panels, please call today for a free estimate to have them replaced.

Panel and service replacement may also be needed to raise the amperage rating for your home. Many older homes have 100 amp services. When they were built, the 100 amps was adequate, but today's homes use much more amperage and upgrades may be required. Please call for a free estimate.

Simply the best - BARR-NONE!